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Kid's Groups and Activities

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Lauraine Snelling Fan Club for girls 7-14 -- Lauraine Snelling is a local author who has written two series of books for girls who love horses, the "Golden Filly" series and the "High Hurdles" series.   We already have several girls sighed up but we need more to have fan club meetings to discuss the books.  Lauraine will be dropping in from time to time to talk about her characters and her stories.  There are no fees to become a member.  Posters will be given free of charge to all fan club members.  And we will give a 15% discount on all fan club books.       

Coming soon--Nancy Padias will be holding a class for kids of all ages who want to learn how to do finger stringing: Cat's Cradle, Cups and Saucers, Witches' Broom, etc.  The class fee will be $10 and will include the book (retail $9.95) of instructions and the strings!

Coming soon--Lois Rogers will be holding an American Girls Craft Class to teach girls how to make beautiful bookmarks using doilies and pressed flowers.  She will also teach the art of pressing flowers using your telephone book.  The class fee will be $15 and all materials will be included. 

We are looking for a volunteer to lead an American Girl Group.

Anyone for a kids book discussion group?


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